Action Feb. 6th: stop firing UW custodians

Rank and file custodians, and shop stewards from their union, are taking action at the University of Washington.  These were the same workers who mobilized against budget cuts in 2009-2010, launching the student-worker anti-austerity struggles that culminated in the March 4th student strike.  In fact, many of us met each other through those struggles, and you can learn more about them in the past writings section of this blog.

Now our friends are facing arbitrary firing, which looks like retaliation for speaking up back then.  One of them has already been fired, and they are trying to fire someone else right now.  Let’s show solidarity as they take action to try to stop this retaliation!

Here is the call to action from rank and file custodians and shop stewards:

There will be two rallies: one at 11 AM and the other at 1 PM. Both Monday, Feb 6 in Red Square!

We are fed up with management firing custodians and worrying about the reason later.
Based on manufactured evidence they are lowering the axe once again. This upcoming termination is based on unreliable evidence of a single instance of a custodian taking a break at the wrong time. This charge is not true, but even if it was, it is not grounds for termination. All his co-workers call him a hard worker. Management is going after him because he is one of the custodians who had the nerve to stand up and challenge their injustices in the past. Taking advantage of the climate of fear created by the recession, they have fired at least 7 UW Custodial Stewards and Activists over the past 2 years.


This is ad hoc, not an official Union Action. We are hoping for another rally, officially sanctioned in the near future. Please come out! spread the word!
Please come out! spread the word!
Paula Lukazek

Please spread the word, and come out for the picket if you can.  We are building support for this within Decolonize/ Occupy Seattle and on the UW campus.  Please invite your friends on facebook.
Here is old footage from the rallies that kicked off the campus struggle. Don’t let the UW management silence folks in retaliation!

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