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Feminist Struggle vs. Facebook Fragmentation

Our piece, “Building Capacity for Complexity”  generated a lot of controversy this spring,  and serious responses from the organizers of the Patriarchy in the Movement event, in addition to comrades in Seattle and other West Coast cities.  This is our attempt … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Open Letter to All Comrades

This is a post by our friend Matthew Erickson, describing his experiences with incarceration.  My name is Matthew; I’ve been a revolutionary active in Decolonize/ Occupy, and I’m a cofounder of Seattle Copwatch.  I’ve been indicted for rioting charges for … Continue reading

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Solidarity with the Uprising in Turkey

We’ve been following closely the mass protests and strikes in Turkey.  We’d like to  endorse and repost a solidarity statement below.  For more information, and to sign onto the statement you can go here. We’d also like to recommend that folks … Continue reading

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