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An owie to one is an owie to all: a six step plan for helping your parent friends remain activists

A comrade in the Seattle Solidarity Network recently wrote this list of tips for radicals and organizers who want to support organizers with children.  Supporting parents as organizers means supporting multigenerational struggle, means fighting patriarchal divisions of labor, means organizing … Continue reading

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New Jim Crow, Capital, and the Fool’s Game of “Public Consensus”

Michelle Alexander’s recent sensation The New Jim Crow reveals a pattern of racial oppression repeatedly reconstituting itself. Just as Jim Crow replaced slavery, the criminal justice system quickly evolved to replace Jim Crow as the dominant mechanism of racial oppression. … Continue reading

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Guest Post: The Fight for a Life Worth Living: A Statement on Seattle’s 2012 May Day Events

The statement below is being reposted from the Occupy Seattle website. Please check it out! —– We are organizers and participants involved in this year’s May Day events. Many of us also participate in Occupy/Decolonize Seattle. We conceived the events … Continue reading

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No New Juvenile Hall in Seattle

The King County Council is planning on rehabilitating the Juvenile Hall in Seattle; the tax levy required to finance this will go up for a vote late this summer.  Members of Black Orchid Collective have been collaborating with friends and … Continue reading

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May Day Speech

This is the speech I gave during the Hip Hop Occupies May Day rally and showcase. Unfortunately I forgot to make a couple of the points included here, but this was the overall message. My goal was to convey a … Continue reading

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