Truck Drivers Shut It Down!!!

PORT TRUCKERS STRIKE!! This what class struggle looks like – workers self-organizing despite harsh conditions. This is the third time that the port of Seattle has been shut down – once in September when the Longshore workers had a wildcat strike to support Longview, once on Dec. 12th when Occupy shut it down in solidarity with the truckers, and now by the truckers themselves. Between this and the farmworker struggle, immigrant workers are on the move. Is it gonna be an early spring in the Northwest?

In addition, this totally destroys the myth of outside agitators putting passive immigrant workers at risk. Never doubt the power of immigrant workers! As the article puts it:

“If the drivers’ collective action sent shockwaves throughout the shipping and trucking industry, then their demonstration equally uprooted a commonly held societal belief. During the Occupy Wall Street port shutdowns, activists and well-intentioned sympathizers debated whether the blockades would siphon wages from port workers – arguably one of the greatest symbols of the 99% — or if it would suck profits from the 1%, such as the Seattle-based global terminal operator, Goldman Sachs’ SSA Marine, and its West Coast trucking outfit, Shipper’s Transport Express.

What their protest proves is that port drivers, as inside agitators, are very much willing to lose pay as a means to powerfully reveal the crushing economic forces that literally put their lives and livelihoods at risk. Even, and especially amidst a severe economic downturn. Their historical ability to self organize, unite, and seize opportunities to improve their working conditions, is unfolding before our eyes. Hundreds more drivers have since joined the safety work stoppage, and some companies remain shut with too few workers to move the cargo.”

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2 Responses to Truck Drivers Shut It Down!!!

  1. Jimmy says:

    This is impressive. Do you think HB 2527 will pass? Did any of you go to Olympia with them? If so, what did the House Transportation Committee decide about the intermodal container chassis law?

  2. A fly in the ointment says:

    Pretty sure it got rewritten to be more comprehensive and reflective to all of the stakeholders, but that is a sellout, since it is a capitulation to the system, and should be denounced wholeheartedly. /s

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