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Solidarity with Asian Workers

On Saturday another fire in a garment factory in Bangladesh killed 120 workers. (Workers in this factory often sew clothes for Walmart, where retail workers are also actively organizing.) Bangladeshi garment workers have some of the lowest wages in the … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Review of The Dark Night Rises

Our comrade Peter Little wrote this review of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises and published it at The Hooded Utilitarian.  He explores the film’s conservative politics as an expression of ruling class anxieties about revolution.  We hope to promote more … Continue reading

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An owie to one is an owie to all: a six step plan for helping your parent friends remain activists

A comrade in the Seattle Solidarity Network recently wrote this list of tips for radicals and organizers who want to support organizers with children.  Supporting parents as organizers means supporting multigenerational struggle, means fighting patriarchal divisions of labor, means organizing … Continue reading

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May Day Speech

This is the speech I gave during the Hip Hop Occupies May Day rally and showcase. Unfortunately I forgot to make a couple of the points included here, but this was the overall message. My goal was to convey a … Continue reading

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UW Workers and Students Fight Management

A small, ad hoc group of trades workers, custodians, and graduate student workers at University of Washington (where I work as a research assistant) has formed to fight the firing of a black maintenance supervisor who was whistleblowing on a … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Privilege Politics is Reformism

3/15/2012: Some responses to this piece here This piece was written by Will, a close comrade to many members of Black Orchid Collective. Notes on Privilege Theory Introduction: White Supremacy Lives on It is crystal clear that white supremacy exists. … Continue reading

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Guest contribution from Brooklyn: Power and Justice as Unlimited Resources – An Interview with Support New York

Martyna Starosta, AKA  The Film Detective, from New York shares an interview with two members of a transformative justice collective.  We in Black Orchid are very interested in developing ways to challenge oppressive dynamics within organizations as a necessary tool … Continue reading

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Occupy Seattle Joins in Solidarity with the United Farm Workers

Occupy Seattle continues to develop as a force for labor organizing that crosses divisions between workers in different industries, employed and unemployed folks, and unionized and non-unionized workers.   This sort of organizing requires us to defy labor law and challenge … Continue reading

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