Past writings

Black Orchid Collective is founded by members who have been active prior to our grouping, and we are still involved in struggles in Seattle in our workplaces and against police brutality.

This page includes links to some of our previous writings and organizing efforts:

Anti-Police Brutality

How can we advance the anti-police brutality struggle in Seattle?

Budget Cuts

The debate on strategy in the anti-budget cuts movement

March Forth Seattle

Open Letter to UAW 4121 Bargaining Team by For a Democratic University

UW in Crisis: A Call to Action by For a Democratic University

Don’t be BAMBOOZLED by the University of Washington Budget by Democracy Insurgent

We are all Workers by Democracy Insurgent

The Death and Resurrection of In Soo Chun


Queer Liberation is Class Struggle

Thoughts on Feminist Practice in Organization (Work in Progress)


Ali Shariati and Gustavo Gutierrez: A Study of comparative liberation theology

Asian Liberation

Asians Against White Supremacy by Jalan Journal

Stop Dividing the Korean Nation, a Vision of Unity from Below



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