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A response to “Unifying Revolutionary Forces” document

My close friends in Black Orchid Collective, Advance the Struggle and NYC have collaborated on a discussion document entitled “Unifying Revolutionary Forces in the Coming Year.” I have mixed feelings about this document and hope that these thoughts here will … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Review of The Dark Night Rises

Our comrade Peter Little wrote this review of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises and published it at The Hooded Utilitarian.  He explores the film’s conservative politics as an expression of ruling class anxieties about revolution.  We hope to promote more … Continue reading

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Program for Everything for Everyone Festival (e4e) in Seattle!

We want to thank the crew that’s been working super hard to put together the program and logistics of the Everything For Everyone Festival taking place in Seattle next weekend (Aug 11th and 12th). Below you will find a sneak … Continue reading

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What you can do to support Grand Jury Resistance in Seattle and Portland

Please spread this widely. Many thanks to friends who have organized around this. The website is here Grand Jury Resistors Speak: “Our Passion for Freedom is Stronger than the State’s Prisons”   Portland, Oregon – At 8am this morning, surrounded by supporters, … Continue reading

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Between the Leninists and the Clowns: Avoiding recklessness and professionalism in revolutionary struggle

This piece reflects on the current strengths and weaknesses of the revolutionary networks that have emerged out of the Decolonize/ Occupy movement in Seattle.  In particular, I critique some of the problems that arise because of lack of organization, and … Continue reading

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