Printable ‘Zines

* All articles are listed in alphabetical order

** This is a work in progress

“Between the Zeal of the Young and the Patience of the Old”:  Reflections on Seattle’s Recent Upheavals Against Police Brutality                          

Printable Zine version: Zeal   Online version

“Caring: a labor on stolen time” : Pages from a CNA worker’s notebook      

Printable Zine version   Online version

“Longview, Occupy and Beyond: Rank and File and 89% Unite!”  

Printable version here: Longview   Online version                                  

“Occupy! to End Capitalism”

Printable version here Online version

“Privilege Politics is Reformism”  

Printable version here   Online version                                                                                           

“Queer Liberation is Class Struggle”

Printable version here   (Thank You to folks from Black Wave Collective)

“On the Radicalization of Decolonize/Occupy Seattle”  

Printable version here Online version                                                


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