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Open Letter to Bus Drivers from Seattle Free Riders

The Seattle Free Riders Union has been passing out this letter as a leaflet to Seattle bus drivers.  We developed the content after talking with friends who are drivers.   Note: the Seattle Free Riders Union is independent of Black Orchid … Continue reading

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Seattle Free Riders Union Pamphlet

Note: The Seattle Free Riders Union is independent of Black Orchid Collective.  Several of us are members of the SFR. Thanks to fellow members in SFR (Seattle Free Riders) who designed this pamphlet! It gives important basic information about the … Continue reading

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Response to “Direct Unionism: A Discussion Paper”

This is a response to a piece written by IWW members, entitled “Direct Unionism: A Discussion Paper.” I really enjoyed reading the piece. Thanks to those who put in the time to present your ideas in such a concise and … Continue reading

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Chilean Starbucks Workers Strike and Lessons from Rosa Luxemburg’s Mass Strike

In Black Orchid Collective, we are currently reading Rosa Luxemburg’s Mass Strike. One of the themes of Luxemburg’s piece is to point out how essential it is to see the overlapping between political and economic struggles, to see how struggles … Continue reading

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Aug 11th: Popular upheavals, Crisis of capitalism and Analysis of the value form

Update 9/25/2011: Thanks to JK, video of talk is available here Save the date! Our friends are putting on this event. We are excited for the discussions that follow and how they can help us think through our organizing: POPULAR … Continue reading

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