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Mamos is my pen name. My writings can be found at these sites, along with the thoughts of friends I collaborate with:

Cancer or Cure? A disruptive hooligan’s solution to incarceration

This winter, a broad coalition of people disrupted the King County Council meeting where they voted to authorize funds to build the new Juvenile detention center.  In response, a judge and several media pundits accused the growing prison abolitionist movement of … Continue reading

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What is Christmas for Mike Brown’s Family?

The past few weeks, friends and I have been in the streets of Seattle, participating in the #Black Lives Matter/ Ferguson solidarity protests.  I wrote a reflection on the Black Friday actions that disrupted commerce in downtown Seattle, shutting down … Continue reading

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Zine version of Reading For Revolution

Reading for Revolution is a three-part series of short articles that I wrote on collective learning and the struggle for a new society. The first article, “Steal the the Ability to Read this Book,” makes a case for seizing the reading skills … Continue reading

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Reading for Revolution Part 3: DIY Strategies for Study Groups

I recently published an article in the journal Perspectives on Anarchist Theory, sharing some suggestions for how to form revolutionary study groups.  It is available for free download here:  DIY study strategies.  Feel free to distribute it if you find it useful. … Continue reading

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Dark Ecology, Hyperobjects, and the New Materialism

I recently wrote a piece on ecology, spirituality, and philosophy entitled “White Baby Jesus Vs. Dark Ecology” for my Aroma of the World blog.   Our comrade Matt, aka Bypolar the Toxic Cherub, turned it into a piece of youtube video … Continue reading

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“How to Overthrow the Illuminati” Pamphlet

This summer, I collaborated with comrades in New York City to produce a pamphlet criticizing conspiracy theories.  We also set up a website to discuss and distribute the pamphlet.  For some reason, I forgot to link it here on the … Continue reading

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Breaking News: “SPS Kangaroo ‘Hearing’ vs. More4Mann Arrestees”

The following is a press release from the More4Mann coalition, released last night.  It concerns a public hearing today (Dec 12th) at 3 PM.  If you can, please attend as a witness and/or supporter.  According to the press release, community … Continue reading

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Kshama Sawant and Capitalism’s Shock Absorbers

“While you waitin’ for the mention in the pages of ‘The Stranger’ You can find me in the basement makin’ heaters for later… we’ve been living in conditions we’re tired of Come on and rise up” – Blue Scholars, “North … Continue reading

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