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“How to Overthrow the Illuminati” Pamphlet

This summer, I collaborated with comrades in New York City to produce a pamphlet criticizing conspiracy theories.  We also set up a website to discuss and distribute the pamphlet.  For some reason, I forgot to link it here on the … Continue reading

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Event: Asia’s Unknown Uprisings Author, George Katsiaficas, in Seattle

This Friday, August 16th, George Katsiaficas author of The Subversion of Politics and The Imagination of the New Left, is coming to Seattle to read from the second volume of his work Asia’s Unknown Uprisings (first volume here on Korea). He will be … Continue reading


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Reading for Revolution (Parts 1 and 2)

This is a three- part series of short articles on collective learning and the struggle for a new society.  The first two parts are included in this post, and the third will be published later. The first article  is called … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Raids and felony charges, but we’re still not afraid

A local communist collective, Red Spark, posted a good article overviewing the ongoing political repression in the Pacific Northwest and it’s context. Please check it out! http://www.redsprk.org/post/37888737927/raids-and-felony-charges-but-were-still-not-afraid Raids and felony charges, but we’re still not afraid Five people in Seattle, … Continue reading

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Anti-Repression, Anti-Fascist Strategizing Suggestions

With the rise of the Golden Dawn fascist group in Greece, and their attempts to build a base here in the U.S. (link) , anti-fascist strategies are becoming more and more crucial. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if the police continue … Continue reading

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*Dramatic Intro* The crisis of the Left: What’s really going in the ISO BOC debate?!?!

Referenced Articles: 1) “The Solidarity We Need” by ISO members Sam Bernstein, Darrin Hoop and Dan Trocolli (1/19/12) 2) “ILWU Leaders Shouldn’t Get a Pass” by ISO member Dana Blanchard (1/23/12) 3) “Longview, Occupy, and Beyond: Rank and File and … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Privilege Politics is Reformism

3/15/2012: Some responses to this piece here This piece was written by Will, a close comrade to many members of Black Orchid Collective. Notes on Privilege Theory Introduction: White Supremacy Lives on It is crystal clear that white supremacy exists. … Continue reading

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Marx the Militant Abolitionist: Study Questions for “Marx on the Margins”

Karl Marx’s wrote a letter to Abraham Lincoln, on behalf of his organization, the First International. What he wrote sheds some serious light on race and class in America: “While the working men, the true political power of the North, … Continue reading

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