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Guest Post: Personal Account of Queers Fucking Queers

One of the six people bashed and arrested last Saturday night at Pride during the Queers Fucking Queers street dance party has written about her experiences that night. For updates on the arrestees, please follow the Grand Legion of Incendiary … Continue reading

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Oakland to Seattle: Solidarity Against Police Brutality

This statement was written by participants in the Justice for Oscar Grant movement in Oakland, including the group Advance the Struggle.  Please distribute widely, to help build for tonight’s demonstration against police brutality in Seattle.  For more info about the … Continue reading


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It doesn’t get better, we rebel to make it better!

The Seattle Police department tried to jump onto the whole corporate-liberal “gay rights” bandwagon with its recent release of the “It Gets Better” video interviewing gay police officers and exemplifying how tolerant the department is. Yet, we are reminded again, … Continue reading

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No Throwing Away Our Youth! No New Juvie!

BOC and friends have been flyering every weekend for the last month and a half against the city rebuilding and expanding the Central District juvenile detention center. There will be a vote on the $200 million tax levy on August … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, the people who probably make those Nike clothes….

Are burning down their factories. That’s how I started a recent letter to a comrade about the wave of strikes, riots, and factory sabotage in the Bangladeshi garment industry.   He published it on his new blog, Diligent Dispatches and … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Truth and Revolution and Parenting

This piece is by Nate Hawthorne, a friend and comrade to many of us in Black Orchid Collective. He’s a member of the Industrial Workers of the World and is one of the editors of a web site called Recomposition. He writes on … Continue reading

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