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A letter from Seattle to Hong Kong Protestors/ 从西雅图给香港战友写信

中文版正在翻译当中! Fighting For Our Common Freedoms: A letter from Seattle to Hong Kong Protesters Dear Hong Kong protesters, We write to you as people who participated in the Occupy Wall Street movement and Decolonize/Occupy Seattle. We are writing to express … Continue reading

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Kshama Sawant and Capitalism’s Shock Absorbers

“While you waitin’ for the mention in the pages of ‘The Stranger’ You can find me in the basement makin’ heaters for later… we’ve been living in conditions we’re tired of Come on and rise up” – Blue Scholars, “North … Continue reading

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Vanilla Twilight / White Noise

As Noel Ignatiev argued, there is a civil war going on in the mind of each working class white man.  That war is between his working class consciousness and his white consciousness.  Both are in a state of crisis right … Continue reading

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Feminist Struggle vs. Facebook Fragmentation

Our piece, “Building Capacity for Complexity”  generated a lot of controversy this spring,  and serious responses from the organizers of the Patriarchy in the Movement event, in addition to comrades in Seattle and other West Coast cities.  This is our attempt … Continue reading

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Reading for Revolution (Parts 1 and 2)

This is a three- part series of short articles on collective learning and the struggle for a new society.  The first two parts are included in this post, and the third will be published later. The first article  is called … Continue reading

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Building Capacity for Complexity

* Trigger Warning: Discussion of challenges related to survivor centered accountability processes. On February 28th, 2013 there was an important discussion on “Patriarchy and the Movement” held in Portland. We value the efforts of the organizers and panelists to share … Continue reading

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Healing Not Control: Confronting Rape Culture in the Classroom

I just wrote this post for the Creativity Not Control blog, attempting to link emerging struggles against standardized testing with emerging struggles against sexual assault.  This builds off of previous conversations that Kloncke and I had here on the Black Orchid … Continue reading

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Emi Koyama is coming to Seattle!

Emi Koyama will be speaking in Seattle on “War on Trafficking”? Resisting Criminalization as Solution to the ‘Modern Day Slavery.” The event will take place Thursday, January 10, 2013 @ 6PM @ HUB332, University of Washington. Emi is the author of … Continue reading

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