No Throwing Away Our Youth! No New Juvie!

BOC and friends have been flyering every weekend for the last month and a half against the city rebuilding and expanding the Central District juvenile detention center. There will be a vote on the $200 million tax levy on August 7th. The Seattle Times, unsurprisingly, is recommending voters approve the tax levy calling it “sensible” and “not a luxury, but an overdue replacement for a critical public service.”

Last week the No New Juvie coalition organized a poetry reading and film showing (Visions of Abolition and clips from the Black Prisoners Caucus 2006 Summit). It was followed by a noise demo outside the current juvie building. Tupac and Lil Boosie were played loud over a sound system and pots / pans / buckets were used to make noise for over an hour. The walls /windows are thin enough that some degree of communication with youth inside can happen.

Below is the flyer we produced breaking down why there has been a continued boom in prison (re)construction.

There are two upcoming events that the No New Juvie coalition is planning:

** July 9th: Rally and March: No Juvie, No Incinerator
Rally 11 AM at the King County Juvenile De- tention Center, 1211 E Alder (meet @ 12th and Alder)
March through Yesler Terrace, headed downtown to the King County Courthouse

We’ll expose how Seattle Steam is planning to heat the new juvie with heat generated at the incinerator downtown, creating pollution that will harm the health of poor people living there, while they lock up people of color in the expanded jail.

** July 26th : Rally and Picket to Shut Down the Juvenile Jail
Rally at Noon at the King County Juvenile Detention Center, 1211 E Alder (meet @ 12th and Alder)
Picket lines will aim to shut down the juvie, like we shut down the port of Seattle on Dec 12th 2011



Click here to download a printable PDF version.

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7 Responses to No Throwing Away Our Youth! No New Juvie!

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  2. Debbie Carlsen says:

    Are you working with Real Change or other community organizations on this campaign? I’m with a queer social and economic justice organization called Allyship and we are addressing the barriers to LGBTQ homeless youth. Jailing homeless youth of all ethnicities, genders and gender identities is an issue. Thanks Debbie Carlsen

    • mamos206 says:

      Thanks for reaching out. There is a coalition of people from various groups and political tendencies working on this campaign, it’s not just us. There will be a number of groups present tabling and hosting workshops at the Festival of Resistance protest tomorrow, noon-8 Pm at 12th and Alder. Would Allyship folks be interested in getting invovled in ongoing campaigns around prison abolition? A lot of folks invovled in this campaign want to continue organizing even after the vote on the levy for the Juvenile Hall rehabilitation passes.

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