Occupy Seattle Workers’ Caucus

Note: Jomo from Black Orchid is helping put this caucus together.  It will be an ongoing project

There’s been a lot of talk/interest in having a session in Decolonize/ Occupy Seattle that’s specific to folks who are working at awful/low wage/mostly non-unionized/casualized jobs, and trying to be involved in the Occupy Movement.

There are many of us who resist the domination we face at our workplaces everyday and want to see a deeper connection between those struggles and the Occupy movement.

There are resources from existing class struggle organizations like IWW, that we could tap into to learn how to organize/survive on the job. Please come through if you/others you know, are interested! This is our first meeting!!

Occupy Seattle Workers’ Caucus
Wed March 7th
2nd floor of Convention Center
7th and Pike (where GA usually meets)
Invite your friends on Facebook
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