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It doesn’t get better, we rebel to make it better!

The Seattle Police department tried to jump onto the whole corporate-liberal “gay rights” bandwagon with its recent release of the “It Gets Better” video interviewing gay police officers and exemplifying how tolerant the department is. Yet, we are reminded again, … Continue reading

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No Throwing Away Our Youth! No New Juvie!

BOC and friends have been flyering every weekend for the last month and a half against the city rebuilding and expanding the Central District juvenile detention center. There will be a vote on the $200 million tax levy on August … Continue reading

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May Day Speech

This is the speech I gave during the Hip Hop Occupies May Day rally and showcase. Unfortunately I forgot to make a couple of the points included here, but this was the overall message. My goal was to convey a … Continue reading

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Two flyers on police terrorism in New York City

In late January 2012, the NYPD shot three Black men in one week, The cold blooded killing of 18 year old Ramarley Graham is an extension of the state violence that youth of color experience everyday. Police terrorism is an … Continue reading

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Articles on Decolonize/Occupy Seattle in Insurgent Notes and the Hella Occupy ‘zine

Hi folks, just a heads up that Black Orchid Collective published an article in the most recent issue of Insurgent Notes, outlining the development of Occupy Seattle and it’s radicalization over the past few months.   A condensed version of this … Continue reading

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Statement from members of Decolonize/Occupy Seattle on Dec 12th West Coast Port Shutdown

Dan Kaufman, president of Longview Local 19 in solidarity with Occupy Oakland’s shut down of the port on Nov 2nd in solidarity with Longview port workers fighting against union busting. In Seattle December 12, we are organizing to shut down … Continue reading

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Solidarity from Cairo

We are reposting this from In Front and Center blog. * Letter of solidarity to OWS from Tahrir Editor’s note: We are sharing and re-printing this statement of solidarity written by activists in Cairo, as we think it is crucial to acknowledge … Continue reading

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Chilean Starbucks Workers Strike and Lessons from Rosa Luxemburg’s Mass Strike

In Black Orchid Collective, we are currently reading Rosa Luxemburg’s Mass Strike. One of the themes of Luxemburg’s piece is to point out how essential it is to see the overlapping between political and economic struggles, to see how struggles … Continue reading

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