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Vanilla Twilight / White Noise

As Noel Ignatiev argued, there is a civil war going on in the mind of each working class white man.  That war is between his working class consciousness and his white consciousness.  Both are in a state of crisis right … Continue reading

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Event: Asia’s Unknown Uprisings Author, George Katsiaficas, in Seattle

This Friday, August 16th, George Katsiaficas author of The Subversion of Politics and The Imagination of the New Left, is coming to Seattle to read from the second volume of his work Asia’s Unknown Uprisings (first volume here on Korea). He will be … Continue reading

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Reading for Revolution (Parts 1 and 2)

This is a three- part series of short articles on collective learning and the struggle for a new society.  The first two parts are included in this post, and the third will be published later. The first article  is called … Continue reading

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Hong Kong port workers on strike!

For more updates and donations, see here Hong Kong port workers have been on strike for 3 weeks now. pushing for wage increases and better working conditions. Hong Kong is the third busiest port in the world. The workers’ actions … Continue reading

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Report back: Idle No More goes to the Port of Seattle

On March 21st, with high energy, dozens of handmade signs, and drums, 200-300 people rallied at Westlake in downtown Seattle and marched 3.8 miles to the port of Seattle and SSA Marine’s office in protest against the proposed coal terminals … Continue reading

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“We are not machines!” Chinese class struggle reading/film series

Please join our friends and us for a 5-week reading/film series on Chinese class struggle. We are organizing this collective study group leading up to a talk in mid May by a member of the gongchao collective, who has conducted … Continue reading

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Teacher organizing, unions, and lessons from the Decolonize/ Occupy Port Shutdown

A few weeks ago, I wrote a document called “In the wake of the testing boycott: a 10-point proposal for teacher self-organization”  for the Creativity Not Control blog.  Creativity Not Control is an embryonic organizing project that I’m helping build … Continue reading

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Native and Environmental Movements Are Opposing Coal Export Terminals – A Call for Solidarity From Port Workers

The indigenous liberation movement Idle No More has called for three days of action this week: 1. Day of Ceremony and Resurgence, March 20th 2. Idle No More Day of Action, March 21st (it is also the  International Day for the … Continue reading

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