Some healthcare organizing resources

Some folks in NYC are organizing around with healthcare workers around hospital closures and mergers. See their fliers and updates here

A few years ago, some of us in were doing work in nursing homes and organizing around staffing ratios and overwork. Here are some of the resources we compiled collectively which we thought would help us articulate a disabilities justice, feminist and class struggle politics wrt healthcare struggles.

It is a work in progress and a little dated so please add to it by commenting below.We are particularly interested in current blogs that have writings by healthcare workers and patients.

It would be dope to read and discuss some of these together to build a revolutionary praxis around health care organizing.



Conner, Clifford. A People’s History of Science: Miners, Midwives, and Low Mechanicks

Ehrenreich, Barbara. English, Deirdre. Nurses, Witches, and Midwives: A History of Women Healers

Foucault, Michel. The Birth of the Clinic

Foucault, Michel. Madness and Civilization

Foucault, Michel. Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison

International Socialist Review. Disabilities and Marxism

Krause, Elliott A. Power and Illness: The Political Sociology of Health and Medical Care

Marx, Karl. Capital Volume One. Chapter 10 – The Working Day

Mullan, Fitzhugh.  White Coat, Clenched Fist: The Political Education of an American Physician

Navarro, Vincente. Medicine under Capitalism  (contents)

Starr, Paul. The Social Transformation of American Medicine: The rise of a sovereign profession and the making of a vast industry

Ivan Illich: Medical Nemesis

Susan Reverby Ordered to Care: The Dilemma of American Nursing, 1850-1945

Boris and Klein [forthcoming book]:  Caring for America: Home care workers are changing the face of labor in america

Intimate Labors: Care, Sex, and Domestic Work, ed. with Rhacel Salazar Parreñas. Stanford University Press, forthcoming 2009.

Never Good Enough: Healthcare workers — Ariel Ducey

The Managed Heart — Ariel Hothschild

Political Economic Analyses

Brennan, Troyen A., Berwick, Donald M. New Rules: Regulation, Markets, and the Quality of American Health Care

Glenn, Evelyn Nakano. Forced to Care: Coercion and Caregiving in America

Gordon, Suzanne. Nursing Against the Odds: How Health Care Cost Cutting, Media Stereotypes, and Medical Hubris Undermines Nurses and Patient Care

Gordon, Suzanne. The Complexities of Care: Nursing Reconsidered

Marmor, Theodore R. The Politics of Medicare

Milio, Nancy. Public Health in the Market  (Book Review)

Panitch, Leo. Leys, Colin. Morbid Symptoms: Socialist Register 2010: Health Under Capitalism  (Book reviews 1 2  Interview with author )

Grace, Change. Disposable Domestics: Immigrant Women Workers in the Global Economy

Steve Early

Cal Winslow: Labor’s Civil War in California: NUHW  

Susan Reverby

Proletarianization of Nursing

Nursing Beyond Fordism [pdf shared]

“Health Policy Reform – Driving the Wrong Way?”, by John Lister review:

Marxist forum:

Women and Health Care: A Comparison of Theories

Healthcare and Marx’s view of the future

Concrete and Abstract Labor in Healthcare

Marxist Humanist blog on Healthcare:

Mode of production and Hospital/Healthcare management

(some of the above deal w Taylorism and Fordism and their impacts on management/division of labor within healthcare. Implementation of the Toyota Lean Model on healthcare)

The Lean Hospital:



Is the US going post-industrial?

Healthcare Medical Industrial Complex

Healthcare Bubble:,


Berthold, Tim. Miller, Jennifer. Foundations for Community Health Workers
Ivan Illich: Medical Nemesis: An Expropriation of Health

Doctors for Global Health: Liberation Medicine/Psychology

Holistic Health and Biomedical Medicine

Medicine, Race, & Gender

Roberts, Dorothy. Killing the Black Body: Race, Reproduction, and the Meaning of Liberty

Washington, Harriet (Author interview on Democracy Now!). Medical Apartheid: The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans from Colonial Times to the Present

Susan Smith: Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired: Black Women’s Health Activism in America, 1890-1950

Susan Reverby: Healthcare in America

National Transgender Discrimination Survey Report on health and health care (2010)


Law, Jacky. Big Pharma: Exposing the Global Healthcare Agenda


The Health Care Blog (wall street endorsed)

CripChick (Stacey Milbern is a powerchair-roaring, poetry-stringing, people power-dreaming disabled queer woman of color. After pouring the last five years of her life into organizing with the Disabled Young People’s Collective, she is currently taking a break from traditional organizing to write, make media and deepen relationships. She is most interested in building beloved community with other disabled queer people of color and our loved ones.)

Leaving Evidence (From a queer disabled woman of color korean american transracial and transnational adoptee working, creating and loving towards wholeness and connection, love and liberation.)

Websites/ Organizations

Alliance for People with Disabilities (indy living, anti-institution, based in Seattle)

PHI (“PHI is working to improve the quality of eldercare and disability services by improving the jobs of direct-care workers.”)
Nursing Home Campaign – Boston

MindFreedom International (nonprofit organization that unites 100 sponsor and affiliate grassroots groups with thousands of individual members to win human rights and alternatives for people labeled with psychiatric disabilities. A nonviolent revolution in mental health care.)


The Lincoln Hospital Offensive” (1970) (Lincoln Hospital take over)

Dolgoff, Sam. The Anarchist Collective (collectivization of hospitals w/physicians by @s during Spanish rev – different context, still instructive)

Russell, Marta. “No Nursing Homes on wheels” (2002) (Disabilities rights perspectives)

Navarro, Vicente.“Getting the Facts Right: Why Hillary’s Health Care Plan Really Failed” (2007)

Goodman, Benny. “A Marxist Healthcare Polemic” (The German Ideology and Healthcare)

Boris, Organizing Homecare workers in Welfare state [Politics and Society March 2006]

Henry-Lopez: Cultural Change Management in Long Term care: Shop floor view [Politics and Society March 2006]


Liat Ben-Moshe

Disabling Incarceration: Connecting Disability to Divergent Confinements in the USA

The online version of this article can be found at: (connects jail/ nursing homes)

Who Qualifies for Rights? “Homelessness Mental Illness, and Civil Commitment

JUDITH  LYNN  FAlLER -(about who needs nursing assistants)

Why I burned my BOOK

Longmore (about walfare and public health)

A pupil and a patient- hospital schools in progressive america

Brown (a critic of rehabilitation and nursing by a cripple)

Television/ Movies


Frontline PBS. Obama’s Deal

Frontline PBS. Can you afford to retire

Frontline PBS. 10 trillion and counting (the right’s justification for cutting social sec/medicare)

Frontline PBS. Sick Around the world (other healthcare systems)

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  1. MindyC says:

    Daly, M. (January 01, 1998). A more caring state? The implications of welfare state restructuring for social care in the Republic of Ireland. Gender, Social Care and Welfare State Restructuring in Europe, edited by Jane Lewis.

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