Hong Kong port workers on strike!

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"Class War“

“Class War“

Hong Kong port workers have been on strike for 3 weeks now. pushing for wage increases and better working conditions. Hong Kong is the third busiest port in the world. The workers’ actions have huge impacts on global capital. They have caused Hong Kong tycoon, Li Ka Shing’s company, Hongkong International Terminal a hefty $100 million in losses. The Hong Kong port strike has been receiving a lot of support, including from the ILWU and the Maritime Union of Australia. The latter sent a delegation to Hong Kong to march with the Kwai Tsing dockworkers.

We share a video produced by a youth-led solidarity group, Left 21, and translated by Richard Chen, an activist in the Bay area. Left 21 has been active in organizing support and disseminating literature and updates around the strike. Their facebook site has updates in Chinese here and an English website here

Please consider supporting the workers by donating to their much-needed strike fund. You can also receive English updates on the strikes here 

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1 Response to Hong Kong port workers on strike!

  1. dreamsinsunshine says:

    FANTASTIC!!!!!!! Great film. I cannot imagine working in a typhoon. I was in one.

    Date: Sat, 20 Apr 2013 16:24:49 +0000 To: carolannisaac@msn.com

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