“We are not machines!” Chinese class struggle reading/film series

Please join our friends and us for a 5-week reading/film series on Chinese class struggle. We are organizing this collective study group leading up to a talk in mid May by a member of the gongchao collective, who has conducted interviews and oral histories with workers at the Apple subcontracted factory, Foxconn.

The dates for the reading series are listed below. The facebook invite is here. The poster for the event in May is also below and you can find out more here. Hope to see you!



Every Saturday at 3 PM at the Wildcat on 23rd & Spring
This schedule is subject to change based on participants’ preference.

*The location is not wheelchair accessible but we are continuing to seek other accessible locations. Please contact us if you can help us in these efforts.                                                 *Thanks to our friend Husunzi for the reading selection!

APRIL 13 – Background on Foxconn
-Short videos on Foxconn here
– “iSlavery at Foxconn” here
– “The Fetish of Representation: Class Struggle in China Beyond the Leftist Grand Narrative”  here

APRIL 20 – The 2010 Honda Strike Wave

Documentary: Reasons for the Rage (excerpt)
Reading: “Workers’ autonomy and strikes in China” here

APRIL 27 – Unrest & Intervention in an Indian Export-Processing Zone
Documentary: Many Straws Make a Nest
“Developing Unrest: New Struggles in Miserable Boom-Town Gurgaon”
“Revolutionary Termites in Faridabad”

MAY 4 – Operaismo (vs. Autonomism)
Documentary: Porto Maghera – The Last Firebrands. Info here
– “The Renaissance of Operaismo” parts 1 & 2
– Hotlines (excerpts)

MAY 11 – More on Chinese Workers
Documentary: Last Train Home
– Oral History of Workers’ Resistance in the Pearl River Delta (excerpts)
And/or “The Spatial Politics of Labor in China: Life, Labor, and a New Generation of Migrant Workers” by Pun Ngai & Jenny Chan here
And/or “The Advent of Capital Expansion in China: A Case Study of Foxconn Production and the Impacts on its Workers” by Pun Ngai & Jenny Chan here

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