Idle No More goes to the Port of Seattle


This Thursday, March 21, 2013 @3PM (Westlake) there will be an Idle No More march on the Seattle port to protest SSA Marine’s attempt to build a coal export terminal on Lummi Nation Sacred Land. These terminals are further colonizing indigenous land and threatening the ecology of the planet. Please spread the word widely to build solidarity with this crucial action!

For posters or flyers to put up or pass out, please swing by Black Coffee Coop cafe (on Capital Hill at Pine and Summit).

From the Facebook invite:

We will be meeting at Westlake Center in Seattle at 3pm we will have some amazing speakers and will then commence a March through downtown to the SSA Marine Office/Terminal in support of the Lummi Nation and Mother Earth in our fight against this company SSA Marine, Big Oil and Coal that intends to build the biggest Coal/Oil Export Terminal in the World on their Scared Land Cherry Point.

Please dress accordingly the March is 3.8 miles to SSA it should take us approximately 1 hr and 30 mins to get there. Please bring your drums, rattles, signs, banners and Props if you have them.  I will bring as many extras as I can make. Upon arrival we will set up and have more speakers at our end point. We are still in the planning process and will update the information as we secure it.

*~*~*~*It’s our time to take a stand and protect Ina Maka ~ Mother Earth let’s walk together in peace and love for all living creatures on this beautiful earth we call home*~*~*~*


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