Revolution Has Come! New Rap and Video

My friends Rebel Diaz (NYC!) just came out with this new rap and video. Check them out they great music and do amazing work in their community. Take a look at their community center here (


“Our vision is to build community through the arts.”


Yes, it is! Also, if you are interested in this type of work locally check out Foxfire Arts Collective. We just had our first show and are preforming again on the 17th to benefit the PNW Grand Jury Resisters. Check us out here (


Back to Rebel Diaz!


Check out our new video for “Revolution Has Come”.

Produced by The IGC.

Directed by Sense Hernandez of Beast Factory Films.

Off the upcoming album- Radical Dilemma.

Filmed in Chicago

Our goal with this song is to convey the message that Revolution is Love. It’s what no one can take away from our communities- love for humanity. In the face of structural violence like racism, underfunded schools, and inadequate housing, our weapons of defense are education, sustainability, and community building. We don’t promote voting every 4 years, we say vote everyday with your actions and serve the community!



Rebel Diaz



About rewind13

I live and work and organize in Seattle. Am mainly focusing on anti-prison and anti-deportation work at this time. I work at a tiny non-profit and a cafe. I like writing and thinking about Queer Theory, Marxism, Class Composition and Poetry among other things. I also really really like books, lots of books.
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