Who You Callin’ Illegal?: Stop Dede’s Deportation

Mass Community Meeting Nov 10th 3-6 PM.

Life Enrichment Bookstore, 5023 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, Washington.

This will be the first public strategizing meeting around deportation and mass incarceration by the group, Who You Callin’ Illegal? We are coming together to support our comrade Dede’s fight against her deportation.

Dede is a community organizer and mother of three. She lives in Seattle and has been involved in working against poverty, foreclosures and mass incarceration, among other struggles.

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Listen to Dede here  (podcast produced by talk show host Sensei Greg Lewis)

You can read more about Dede’s campaign here, on the Who You Callin’ Illegal blog.

About Dede:

Dede G. A. was born in Ethiopia. In 1985, when she was three years old, she was taken to Sudan with a relative to flee from the war in Ethiopia. They lived in Sudan as refugees until they were able to enter the U.S. She just had turned 10 years old when they were brought to Seattle, WA. Dede found new family at 12 when she was placed in foster care in the Central District and remains close to her foster mother.

She doesn’t know anyone in Ethiopia, has no family there, no memory of it and doesn’t speak the language.
She has a husband and three children aged 2, 4 and 6 and a foster mother and family, all of whom she would be separated from.

She tirelessly dedicates her time to volunteering and supporting numerous community projects and groups including Harborview Medical Center, the Village of Hope and the Black Prisoners Caucus.
The violent systems of oppression this government was founded on continues today simply with a different name. The slave labor endured in the 18th and 19th century is present today through the policy enforced “criminal justice system” and in the form of exploitative labor in which “undocumented” workers have their status used as a threat to keep them working immensely long hours and in horrible conditions. Even folks considered “documented” and  “citizens”, who experience the criminalization of this racist system, endure prison labor and equally oppressive labor once released from jail because of their criminal record. People labeled “documented” and “undocumented” face the multiple traumas of being criminalized, exploited, detained, and deported, separated from their family and loved ones.

The US incarcerates more people than any other country in the world; one prison house of many Nations.We aspire to workers control over their own production, not corporate wage -slave conditions that commodity human beings, especially women.  Women of color are particularly over-represented in work characterized by low wages, irregular hours, and lack of unionization and stability, such as garment work, domestic work, home support work, cooking, and dishwashing.  Women are increasingly subjected to prison labor as well.


The Total Freedom Campaign strives to attain concrete victories for our friends and family who are facing the trauma of apartheid incarceration, detention, and deportation. We organize from the basic principle that directly affected communities and individual lead their own struggles, and those of us who participate as supporters do so from a position of solidarity not charity. There is strength in our unity. Our liberation comes from co-creating a self-determined world free of these oppressions through organizing, fighting, acting, learning, and growing.

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4 Responses to Who You Callin’ Illegal?: Stop Dede’s Deportation

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    Friends in the Seattle, WA area/Cascadia, please note this event. Help if you can. – k

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  3. Yemane says:

    I am going through the exact same thing exept I’ve been here since I was 2 years old .

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