Program for Everything for Everyone Festival (e4e) in Seattle!

We want to thank the crew that’s been working super hard to put together the program and logistics of the Everything For Everyone Festival taking place in Seattle next weekend (Aug 11th and 12th). Below you will find a sneak peak of the amazing program that’s been put up. The discussions are exciting because they are relevant to the experiences, questions, and challenges that many of us have faced in the recent months.

One BOC member in particular has been actively working on compiling the program and another BOC member will be engaging in the debate with GMOP (Get Money Out of Politics). We hope you will support them by participating in these discussions. Everything for Everyone conference is made possible through the collaboration of many different political tendencies. We are fortunate to be able to come together to have honest dialogue and conversation around our various experiences and beliefs.

Also, please consider volunteering for the festival to lighten the load of the organizers. You can sign up here

Check out the program here

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