May 1st flyering

This is the flyer that some of us in Black Orchid Collective have worked on and been distributing. We have been flyering consistently with friends in the South End. If you are interested in joining us, please email us at

Also, check out the beautiful flyers and posters available at 

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5 Responses to May 1st flyering

  1. red zarathustra says:

    Love the “Everything for everyone – communism isn’t done”. It’s great to see that you are not afraid to put your politics to the forefront!

  2. Huli says:

    I hope you will accept this as a friendly criticism.
    This leaflet says a lot – in my opinion, too much. I think it’s a mistake to expect a leaflet to do our organizing for us. In my experience, a good leaflet can be read in about 5 seconds, and it really
    acts as a conversation starter and then a bookmark to the conversation you have with the person you give it to.
    I think this leaflet would be really effective if all of the small print were removed and the content of that small print became the conversation. All the leaflet really needs is the big headings, the photo, the text box with the who,what, when, where, stuff and your contact info.
    In my experience, it’s the conversation that attracts people to the event, and they refer to the leaflet later to remind them once they have decided to go. It’s rarely the leaflet that convinces people to go to something – it’s the contact they have with a person and the connection they make.
    You can’t hand out as many leaflets using this approach, but fewer of them will end up in the garbage, and you will have more people come out to the event.
    I guess I just have an aversion to wordy leaflets….

  3. mamos206 says:

    I hear that. At the same time, there have been tens of thousands of leaflets and posters passed out for the strike without as much detailed content so we wanted to get something circulating to answer the question “why strike”. The other day we were passing out the glossy hip hop occupies flyer first and if folks asked for more info we’d give them this. It’s more of a leaflet/ statement about the event then a flyer advertising the event. I still think even as leaflet/ statement it tries to do too much. It’s our first attempt and we appreciate the criticism and suggestions. Anyone else with feedback/ criticism, please post it, it helps us grow

  4. Pablo Barbanegra says:

    I think it’s true as well that the conversation is what matters. It’s a little text heavy, but the content is really good imo. I’m perhaps not the best person for critially assesing such a flyer b/c I read everything, esp. if the content catches my attention. Someone might think to themselves,”omg to much text, I’m not reading all of that!” Or they might start to read it, realize they like what you have to say, and hold on to it. But, I mostly just wanted to say that I like the content, and how you all explain the rationale for the GS, while still tying it to some of the relevant issues the day (Treyvon Martin, immigrants, etc.).

  5. mamos206 says:

    Thanks Pablo, we appreciate that. I agree with you Huli that conversation is important, and that’s the main reason why we’re flyering – to get in conversations with other working class folks, especially folks of color who haven’t necessarily been at the Occupy events, and to learn from what folks bring up in these conversations. I think our flyer design can use work, and it can be more concise, but I think having content on there is a good thing. I’m not for just leaving pictures and slogans. Too often we get stuck in a cycle of just trying to mobilize for the next upcoming action, instead of laying out a perspective for long-term revolutionary struggle which we can develop further based on feedback. Content gets lost. So instead of just buidling for May 1st, this time we wanted to also practice talking about revolutionary politics and learning from folks we meet who want to discuss it further. The flyer’s content aims to encourage these kinds of discussions instead of just advertizing the event. So I guess in a way it aimed to reach folks like yourself Pablo who are into the content.

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