Feb 4th: Anti-Capitalist Smackdown!

Hey all,

Come through! See Facebook invite here

Several different anti-capitalist tendencies have come together in the Occupy movement. Now is a chance for us to meet publicly and clarify where we agree and disagree on a few key points.This event is free & open to the public. It will be audio-recorded, and selections will be published online for the benefit of anti-capitalists everywhere.

Participating tendencies (in alphabetic order)
– Anarcho-syndicalism
– Black Orchid
– Communization
– Insurrectionary anarchy
– Nihilism

3-5PM: debates on
– The enemy (capitalism or civilization?)
– Revolution (ultimate goals and how to get there)
– Class & identity
– The role of revolutionaries

5-6PM: dinner break

6-7:15PM: debates on
– Unions & solidarity networks
– Prefigurative (anti)politics
– The Occupy movement

7:15-8PM: open discussion with audience

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2 Responses to Feb 4th: Anti-Capitalist Smackdown!

  1. Ben Seattle says:

    This is such a fucking great idea. It appears to be well-organized.

    The casual, entertainment-oriented announcement is wrapped around questions
    that are quite serious and which give insight into the contradictions of our movement
    which we must confront.

    I will be there–with bells on.

    All the best–Ben.

  2. anonymous says:

    Any chance those audio-recordings are going to be made available anytime soon? Regretfully, I was able to attend…

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