Occupy Seattle Joins in Solidarity with the United Farm Workers

Occupy Seattle continues to develop as a force for labor organizing that crosses divisions between workers in different industries, employed and unemployed folks, and unionized and non-unionized workers.   This sort of organizing requires us to defy labor law and challenge those who would insist that we obey it.  These laws are designed to maintain labor peace partly by channeling workers’ discontent into legalistic structures, but also by exploiting divisions within the working class.  Laws that prevent agricultural workers, who are historically black and are now largely Latino/a economic refugees, are part of the history of the US bourgeoisie using white supremacy to divide the working class.   Farmworkers organize and fight back in their workplace nonetheless, and in fact are some of the most advanced layers of the US working class in terms of struggle.

On January 27, Occupy Seattle will join a United Farm Workers (UFW) march on Darigold headquarters. Beautiful promotional posters are available for download in Spanish and English — feel free to download, print, and distribute these.

(206) 745-0164

On January 27, 2012Decolonize/Occupy Seattle will demonstrate their continued solidarity with laborers world-wide as we join with the United Farm Workers (UFW) in their long standing campaign for justice for the farm workers at Ruby Ridge Dairy, whose labor supplies the Darigold corporation with its dairy products.

Workers at Ruby Ridge work long days without breaks, when they ask for water they are told to drink from where the cows drink and are threatened with guns when attempting to organize; many have experienced wage theft. Farmworkers are not included in the National Labor Relations Act and already one third of the organizers have been fired for trying to form a union.”We want the community to join our struggle so that Darigold can hear the call for justice. We are workers, we make Darigold strong and rich, and we demand justice,” says farmworker Margarito Morales.

Actions have already been taken to hold Darigold accountable for the injustice at Ruby Ridge, yet nothing has changed. Like many large corporations, Darigold continues to turn a blind eye to the abuses being suffered by the workers who labor to produce their milk and their profits. Farm workers and UFW supporters found themselves greeted by security guards when they traveled to Darigold’s headquarters to discuss a remedy to the abuses.

In response, the United Farm Workers started a petition (http://action.ufw.org/page/s/darigoldpetitionkids) and on January 27, 2012, with support from Decolonize/Occupy Seattle and the greater Seattle community, will deliver these petitions to the Darigold Headquarters.

We call on all people to join with the United Farm Workers and Decolonize/Occupy Seattle to demand justice for Farm workers.On January 27, 2012 we will meet at Westlake at 2pm and march to the Darigold Headquarters at1130 Rainier Ave. South. There we will rally at 3pm to call on Darigold to take immediate action to resolve the issues facing workers at Ruby Ridge. Transportation will be provided for those who need it.

The farm worker’s fight is the same fight against corporate greed that has led to the occupy movement. They are part of the 99%! JOIN THOUSANDS to demand that Darigold use its influence over its dairies to stop the abuses. Tell them they cannot ignore farm workers!!

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1 Response to Occupy Seattle Joins in Solidarity with the United Farm Workers

  1. Fray says:

    The action today was wonderful! We had a great energetic march followed by a rally in/near the Darigold front lobby. Some members of Occupy kept the Darigold security staff from locking us out while youth in the farmworker community delivered the petition to stop worker abuse at Ruby Ridge. Latina youth, farm workers, and other immigrant workers spoke and highlighted the need for solidarity among the entire proletariat — unemployed folks, workers with and without unions, students, etc. This campaign is not over and, unless Darigold gives in to worker demands, it has not seen the last of us.

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