Remember Shelley Hillard, Transgender Day of Remembrance

RIP Shelley Hilliard

Nov 20th 2011 is Transgender Day of Remembrance. Those of us in Seattle, please attend the 5pm vigil at Cal Anderson Park. More information is here.

No words to describe the brutality of the violence against transgender people. I don’t agree entirely with this article, but this passage resonates:

“Or imagine a 19-year-old girl being dropped off at an acquaintance’s home by a taxi on a Sunday night and finding three men on the lawn waiting for her. Imagine them kidnapping, torturing, decapitating, dismembering and burning her alive for sport, as young, raucous boys would to a Barbie doll. Imagine them chucking her torso on the side of a highway, with absolutely no regret or sense of immorality. Imagine being the mother called into the morgue to identify a defiled torso as your daughter. Swallow that bitter pill of reality and tell me that marriage is the most important issue for the LGBT community in 2011. For several in the transgender community, it might as well be 1969 all over again, because nothing has changed for them. “

For many of us, our participation in Decolonize/Occupy movements, is not separate from our desires to fight against the prevalence of transphobic and heteropatriarchal violence in this dysfunctional, primitive capitalist society. The economy is in crisis and people of all political tendencies are mobilizing outside of the state. We need to build a strong, powerful trans/genderqueer/womyn majority force that is willing to defend one another in crisis moments by any means necessary. We cannot afford to lose. If we allow the revolutionary left to get defeated in these tumultuous moments, it will create a vacuum that the transphobic, patriarchal, racist right forces will gladly fill.

This Sunday please come, lets connect and build:


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