Founding member of League of Revolutionary Black Workers in Seattle

We all got so caught up in the Decolonize/Occupy Seattle organizing that we forgot to put this up online. This just happened this evening and it was awesome. Our friend, J, will be putting up a link to the video as soon as it comes out.

History of Struggle
A Vision of the Future
An evening with Darryl Mitchell
(founding member of the League of Revolutionary Black Workers)

Oct 21st Friday
University of Washington
Savery Hall Room 137
See map here

This event is sponsored by SETI, Seattle IWW, Black Orchid Collective and the Student Anarchist Study Group

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1 Response to Founding member of League of Revolutionary Black Workers in Seattle

  1. reedkinney says:

    Dear Black Orchid Collective
    The book I wrote became available from Xlibris on June 29, 2012.
    It is about the prospect of Decentralized Economic Social Organization, DESO.
    It is a thorough work, which combines various ideas relevant to that objective.
    The topic is new. No author has described all the components of real community in a single text.
    The manuscript is necessarily complex. It contains pragmatic organizational formats for a type of organization wherein power is shared equally among all members.
    The ideas presented are more than those of conventional Co-operatives. The structures are designed to create production-based semi-self-sufficiency for each community.
    The terms I “coined” are arbitrary, and are used to represent societal functions that are different from the working components of mass centralized society, MCS.
    I combine many contributions from the leading thinkers of the 21st century.
    I can not afford to pay for advertising.
    I need help to disseminate DESO, which answers the real need for the creation of genuine community among interested people.
    Please, help me with this project.
    I can provide articles about DESO. What do you suggest?
    Sincerely yours, Reed C. Kinney
    Summary of DESO at:
    IDESO Xlibris website:

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