Loren Goldner in Seattle: Capitalism and the Crisis of Reproduction

A group of activists are organizing this event. We hope to see you there!

Loren Goldner on Capitalism and the Crisis of Reproduction
Saturday Oct 1st
Loew Hall Room 102
University of Washington
see map here
From Metro fare increases to layoffs and health care cuts, for working class people our lives are getting worse every day.   Why are budget cuts, austerity measures, and attacks on workers, especially workers of color and women, coming down so hard right now?  What does this have to do with the global economic crisis?  Is capitalism facing a fatal crisis, where it can only produce profits by destroying the very fabric of working class life, by wrecking our ability to reproduce society?   How are workers and unemployed folks around the world starting to fight back?  What alternatives are there to capitalism and how can we build them?
Loren Goldner will give a talk on these questions, followed by discussion with input from activists who are fighting budget cuts, austerity, and attacks on working class people here in Seattle.
Loren Goldner is a Marxist writer and activist from New York City, and an editor of the journal Insurgent Notes:  http://insurgentnotes.com/.  He has written several books and dozens of essays analyzing capitalism, the economic crisis, and potentials for global communism, and has collaborated with Marxist activists around the world, from Oakland to Seoul, Korea.  He is a firm critic of top-down, statist, undemocratic, and authoritarian visions of communism, and believes that only the global working class can liberate ourselves; noone can do it for us.   His writings can be found at: http://home.earthlink.net/~lrgoldner/
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