Aug 11th: Popular upheavals, Crisis of capitalism and Analysis of the value form

Update 9/25/2011: Thanks to JK, video of talk is available here

Save the date!

Our friends are putting on this event. We are excited for the discussions that follow and how they can help us think through our organizing:



Thurs Aug 11th * 6pm – 9pm

University of Washington, Smith Hall 115 (map)

Facebook RSVP:


The “Arab Spring,” the occupation of the statehouse in Madison
Wisconsin, the encampments in Spain, the occupation and violent
struggle in Syntagma square in Athens, are all responses to the
present crisis of capitalism, and the resultant assault on the living
and working conditions of the “collective worker” in every corner of
the globe.

The occupation of Tahrir square in Cairo and the toppling of the
Mubarak regime cannot be understood outside of the fact that most
Egyptians – indeed most Arabs – today are under thirty and youth
unemployment is around 40%. The encampments in Spain cannot be
dissociated from the fact that in that country youth unemployment is
now 40%. The bloody struggles in Greece are directly linked to the
draconian austerity that the “Socialist” government is now imposing as
its response to an imminent default on the country’s huge public debt.
And the tens of thousands who demonstrated for more than a week in
Madison were responding to huge wage and pension cuts, and layoffs,
for public sector workers.

Within these popular upheavals, and the above are only a few examples
of what is a global phenomenon, there are really two battles. One is
focused on demands for democratic rights, for “real Democracy,” for
the right of unions to engage in collective bargaining for their
members. That is a battle within the iron framework of the capitalist
system. It is a battle that cannot be won. The second battle is the
battle to abolish the dictatorship of the economy, to abolish
capitalism, the system of wage labor that is its veritable basis, and
to put an end to the subjection or subsumption of the collective
worker to the value-form. That second battle is only beginning, but
its presence in all the popular upheavals through the intervention of
pro-revolutionaries, points the way to confrontations that constitute
the only realistic perspective for a struggle against the looming
austerity, and an existence in a planet of slums, which is the only
future that capitalism can realistically promise.

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3 Responses to Aug 11th: Popular upheavals, Crisis of capitalism and Analysis of the value form

  1. Ariel Wetzel says:

    who are the friends hosting this event?

  2. Hey Ariel,
    it’s Joe Kurina and friends who are putting it on.
    are you going?

  3. Lake Desire says:

    Maybe, I might be out of town!

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