Happy Juneteenth

This weekend B.O.C. members kicked it at a Juneteenth Barbecue that our friend M.  hosted.  He and I also worked together to make a video about the history of Juneteenth and its significance for today.  It is embedded below, along with a summary from the youtube channel  From the Streets Productions, our independent media project.  This is our second video.  We hope you like it 🙂

June 19th – Juneteenth- is the celebration of the end of slavery. Instead of thanking the white man for “giving” us freedom, we argue that Juneteenth should be a celebration of all the Black revolutionaries who rebelled against slavery. The struggle against wage slavery, prison slavery, and white supremacy continues today. Juneteenth is just a milestone along the revolutionary road.

About mamos206

Mamos is my pen name. My writings can be found at these sites, along with the thoughts of friends I collaborate with: https://blackorchidcollective.wordpress.com http://creativitynotcontrol.wordpress.com http://overthrowingilluminati.wordpress.com
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