Young, Disparaged and Paid in Smiles


One of us is participating in this Caring Labor discussion session held at the University of Washington on April 27th!

One of the goals of our collective is to develop and support independent rank and file militants who are also working class intellectuals. We don’t need professors, union bureaucrats or non-profit professionals to speak for our struggles against gendered, racialized and oppressive working conditions. Together, we can develop a theory and practice to deal with the crisis of social reproduction in our society — the crises we experience everyday when it gets harder and harder to adequately care for people in our nursing homes, daycare centers, classrooms, houses, apartments etc.

Many thanks too to our comrade A.H for organizing this event and designing this dope flyer! 🙂

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1 Response to Young, Disparaged and Paid in Smiles

  1. geoff says:

    This event sounds amazing. As a red who works in the care industry I’m super-excited that this is happening. Any way that this might be recorded or written up to share with those of us outside of the Seattle area?

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