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Statement of Solidarity with Anti-Colonial Marchers Arrested in San Francisco

This statement is by the Black Orchid  Collective.  G.L.I.T.U.R. and Decolonize/ Occupy Seattle have also released statements.   Columbus Day weekend, people gathered at Canadian, US, and Mexican consulates and government buildings to oppose the occupation and destruction of Native/indigenous … Continue reading

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Who You Callin’ Illegal?: Stop Dede’s Deportation

Mass Community Meeting Nov 10th 3-6 PM. Life Enrichment Bookstore, 5023 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, Washington. This will be the first public strategizing meeting around deportation and mass incarceration by the group, Who You Callin’ Illegal? We are coming together to … Continue reading

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The Chicago Teachers’ Strike and Beyond: deepening struggles in the schools

“This aint about money! That’s far from the truth, they want better work conditions to teach the youth. Politicians, I don’t trust em, its all in the name the president, the mayor all want political gain. Theyd rather put the … Continue reading

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Between the Leninists and the Clowns: Avoiding recklessness and professionalism in revolutionary struggle

This piece reflects on the current strengths and weaknesses of the revolutionary networks that have emerged out of the Decolonize/ Occupy movement in Seattle.  In particular, I critique some of the problems that arise because of lack of organization, and … Continue reading

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No Throwing Away Our Youth! No New Juvie!

BOC and friends have been flyering every weekend for the last month and a half against the city rebuilding and expanding the Central District juvenile detention center. There will be a vote on the $200 million tax levy on August … Continue reading

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No New Juvenile Hall in Seattle

The King County Council is planning on rehabilitating the Juvenile Hall in Seattle; the tax levy required to finance this will go up for a vote late this summer.  Members of Black Orchid Collective have been collaborating with friends and … Continue reading

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UW Workers and Students Fight Management

A small, ad hoc group of trades workers, custodians, and graduate student workers at University of Washington (where I work as a research assistant) has formed to fight the firing of a black maintenance supervisor who was whistleblowing on a … Continue reading

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Some responses to “Privilege Politics is Reformism”

Will’s recent piece, “Privilege Politics is Reformism” has brought about many charged conversations online,  in person and also in the comments section.  Conatz puts it well when they say that the challenges such a piece faces is on the one hand, “the assault of privilege politics … Continue reading

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